Your Medical Data in your palm

Have your medical history and all of your current and past doctor's information ready when you need it.

To-dos, questions, goals, and appointments

Keep track of what you'd like to get done, get reminders for what's coming up.

Health Risk Analytics

Get insight on how your health history affects your future health and what you can do to reduce long term risks.

Your Data Secured

TLS 1.2 SSL encryption in transit, AES-256 encryption at rest, HIPAA-derived access practices on the back end; we take data security seriously.

On your own or with a doctor

Setuphealth has the tools to make managing and improving health easier!

Set to-dos, goals and more.

Get things done! Need to set up an appointment? Start a workout routine? See a dentist?

Medical history analytics

Identify opportunities for short and long term health improvements with our analytics report.

Your Doctor's Information.

Have your current and past doctor's information at-hand when you need it with one click calling, emailing, and navigation.

App Main Features

Save questions for your doctor

Make sure you don't forget anything when it's time to talk with your provider.

Export anytime

Everything you enter into the app generates exportable documents in the Files section. Your data is yours

Appointment reminders

With one-click calling to your doctor, and one-click navigation when it's time to go!

Nexus 5 Feature
Nexus 5 Feature

Medical History Analytics

When you fill out your medical history in our app, you will not only get an exportable version of that document to use with doctors, but also a comprehensive health risk report. Our software will analyze your medical, personal, and behavioral histories to determine potential opportunities for reducing or eliminating certain health risks altogether.

  • Identify factors that you may be able to address for improved health
  • See how much added risk a certain factor may contribute
  • Distinguish between modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors.

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